sidingNew siding can make an older home look better than it did when it was first built. If you are building a new home, nothing will make it “pop” more than a professional siding job.  In addition, further measures can be taken during the process that can significantly improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. Particularly, the improvement of wall insulation prior to installing your siding can significantly improve the comfort of your home.  


  • Fiber-Cement Siding (Hardie Board)

Hardiboard is really popular in Texas due to its durability and outstanding look. It comes in many colors and shades that can closely resemble the look and grain of wood siding.  Due to its cement fibers, Hardie is resistant to the harsh elements Texas can provide. In addition Hardie is resistant to fire and pest damage.

  • Vinyl 

People love the easy maintenance, versatility, and low price of vinyl siding. Recent improvements to the look and durability of vinyl siding has quickly made it the among the most popular siding materialstype in Texas. Vinyl is lightweight, resistant to rot, mildew, and insects. In addition, vinyl doesn’t require painting.

  • Wood 

Although losing its appeal to many home-owner’s due to the advancements in artificial materials, many home-owners continue to prefer the timeless classic.  When wood is installed and treated properly, many concerns with durability, pests, and flammability can be significantly mitigated. Make certain to consult with a professional to advise you on the proper type of wood.

  • Stucco 

Stucco is primarily made form building sand, cement, lime and water.  A waterproof barrier paper and metal screening is attached to wood before the stucco is applied for protection and durability. In addition to being resistant to fire and heat damage, stucco can also have color added into the mixture before application; simplifying and reducing the cost of installation. When installed properly, stucco can last the entire lifetime of the home.

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